Gator & George Thorogood

Vocals and slide guitar master

At a casino gig with George. We had a great time that weekend. The Destroyers still rock big-time!

Gator & Buddy Guy


Not only one of the greatest guitarists in history, Buddy is also one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet. He's Chicago thru-and-thru, but he loves Texas blues and rock and honored me by saying, "Gator you're another one of those Texas blues guitar slingers--- it must be in the water down there."

Gator & Pinetop Perkins


A great night with the man himself. The Grammy for best blues or jazz piano is now called "the Pinetop Perkins Award." The last time I was with Pine, we had a great night and, sadly, a year later he passed before I could visit with him again. Such an immense talent and such a sweetheart."

Gator & Jimmie Vaughan


From my days in Austin, thru my casino years and now back in Texas, Jimmie has been one constant. Amazing true blues artist, superb band leader, and super good guy full of humility. If you don't know how good he is, he's the guy that Clapton chose to play at his wedding party in London a few years ago.