Gator & the All-Stars are an American band, based in Texas, whose roots run deep from rock, blues, jazz, country, and Americana. Gator's bands music has been used in 3 Hollywood movies and was the featured band at the international Juneteenth celebration which was broadcast to 42 countries live with Ms. Opal Lee and the US President.

But their real strength is their live events from bars to festivals to concerts to weddings. They feed off the fun of the crowd and it makes their events "real" and fresh every time. You never hear the same song the same way.

Steve Edwards on keys, Terry Strange on horns, Rockin' Rich Kay on bass/guitar, and Charlie Anchondo on drums add to Gator's guitar and vocals. They are all multi-instrumentalists, so you might hear a different twist on a familiar song. Often, Miss Carole Rose will bring her country skills and join the band for a special treat. Together they give you a tour down the greatest rock songs of the 20th century plus a little blues and country thrown in when requested.

Add Ray Reed, Killer Bug Morris and Alice Faye and you have the Ray Reed & Gator blues review show. Rock? Blues?  We got 'em both!